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Deep Knowledge Philanthropy

Deep Knowledge Philanthropy is a data-driven non-profit project by Deep Knowledge Group committed to the support, development and advancement of DeepTech for social good, impact philanthropy and ethical investment, founded on the belief that DeepTech innovation is the most efficient driver of ‘social profit’, technological humanitarianism, and societal development, and that venture philanthropy is the profitable long-term investment for individuals, national economies, and humanity itself.

The organization was founded in 2021 to house the sum of philanthropic, non-profit, and influence investment activities, projects and initiatives conducted over the past 5 years under Deep Knowledge Groups umbrella, its activities are backed by the quantitative analytics produced by Deep Knowledge Group’s 10+ analytical subsidiaries, implementing the most advanced approaches to analytics, benchmarking, predictive forecasting and data-driven strategy formulation and execution in order to deliver 10x-50x the social impact and ethical ROI per dollar than the non-profit and philanthropy sector average, while using Deep Knowledge Group’s extensive distributed international network for highly efficient and productive engagement with Governments, Progressive Corporations, Top-Tier Media, Industry Influencers, Investors, Policy-Makers a wide range of other high-caliber and strategically relevant personalities and organizations.

Philanthropy Industry Analytical Framework

The Philanthropy Industry Analytical Framework is a comprehensive methodology developed by the Deep Knowledge Group and its subsidiary, Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of philanthropic organizations and initiatives worldwide.

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Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society
Longevity International 1902x1080.png
AssistiveTech Full Report 2022 (2).png
AssistiveTech in the UK 
Landscape Overview 2022 
in dev report.png
Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem in Developing World
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Deep Knowledge Group: Longevity Books
1 (2).png
Sustainable business in the UK Landscape Overview Q4 2021
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Global Impact Investing
Overview Q2 2022
Global mHealth Industry.png
Global mHealth Industry Landscape Overview 2020
Longevity Ecosystem
DeepTech for Social Good
Landscape Overview
Non-profit Organizations
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FinTech for Social Good
Special Edition
The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews (with shadow).png

The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews is not just a book having a list of the brightest minds who — for one reason or the other — left Bessarabia to find a new home in countries all around the globe.


It is the journey of all those great individuals who have become leading scientists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and Nobel Prize Winners in the modern world, making pivotal contributions to crucial fields of human endeavor that continue to act as the primary engines of societal progress in science, mathematics, medicine, art, politics, finance, business, and technology.


It is a tribute to the strength and talent of those who were able to adapt and thrive in the face of great adversity over thousands of years.

The data analytics platform aims to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs and companies in finding the right partners, raising capital and gaining access to the data, tools and expertise they need to set up and scale their businesses. It also enables international investors to identify, assess and directly invest in advanced tech companies related to Ukraine.

Aiming to attract $1 billion in AI and DeepTech investments to Ukraine over a foreseeable period of time, this platform is meant to contribute to the shift of Ukraine’s pre-war position from a tech outsourcing hub to becoming one of the leading international tech centres in Europe following the war.

DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine

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Our Media Content Library

Deep Knowledge Philanthropy is a leading voice in shedding light on the impact of deep technologies in creating different impact investment opportunities in developing nations around the world.


Our latest documentary series (Deep Impacts) is now available in our media library.

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