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Academic Sponsorship

Our group of companies is supporting the activities of DeepTech sector scientists and new graduates. We understand the importance of helping high-impact industries achieve real-world progress in the delivery of their potential humanitarian benefit. Deep Knowledge Group and its various subsidiaries are proud sponsors of a number of official scientists societies at top-tier universities and academic institutions and are deeply committed to the support of scientists groups whose members will soon become the next generation of industry professionals driving humanitarian DeepTech progress.


Academic Society Sponsorship Application Form

We would be interested in discussing avenues for developing a closer collaborative relationship, aligned with the mandates of your society, and exploring avenues for collaboration in the form of jointly-produced open-access analytical reports on topics of interest to your group, co-branded open-access physical and virtual talks, and the like.


If you are interested in requesting sponsorship for your society please submit your society’s information in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Partners

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