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CONFERENCE  | 28 JULY 2022 | 1 PM GMT+1

DeepTech for 

Social Good

Join us for an interactive event about
the latest DeepTech trends


Following the success of our last conference, Deep Knowledge Philanthropy is pleased to bring you the next virtual event, “DeepTech for Social Good”.


Advanced technologies (AI, Blockchain, Robotics, FinTech) have the potential to level the playing field for even the most powerful of forces. While the world has evolved and benefited from technology on all fronts - from how we work to how we live - we recognise the power that innovation has to make our world a better place for all.


On July 28th, 1 pm GMT+1,  “DeepTech for Social Good”  will introduce the major players who will share insights on how they are leveraging the power of technology to bring forth positive global change.


Our event will bring together leaders, founders, visionaries, organisations and start-ups who all play a crucial role in solving complex questions of the modern world and drive real social change using frontier technologies in developing countries across the globe. It will feature:

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Presentations and Use Cases

  • Live Panel Debate

  • Q&A from Audience


We hope to see you on July 28th, from 1 pm GMT + 1.

Headshot Olawale Ogunlana.jpg

Olawale Ogunlana

Director, Deep Knowledge Philanthropy

Dr. Olawale Ogunlana is an expert Physician serving for over a decade in active clinical practice. He has executed and managed several medical projects in remote communities across Nigeria. In addition, he serves as a member of the Board of Directors in two Secondary Healthcare Facilities that provide healthcare to thousands of Nigerians each year.

He is the Co-founder of The 100kClub, a nonprofit organization providing healthcare access and services to the most vulnerable Nigerians in dire need of medical assistance. In addition, he's a known Public Speaker and Writer representing different international brands and organizations.  

As a Public Health Advocate and Digital Creator, Dr. Olawale is dedicated to building health-conscious communities across Africa through engaging health and wellness media content. Today, he currently serves as the Director at Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, a data-driven nonprofit organization focused on creating and supporting tangible humanitarian and social impacts through DeepTech.

While he firmly believes that "Failure will never overtake anyone whose determination to succeed is strong enough," his vision is to build social impact platforms that will transform Africa and the rest of the World while standing the test of time.

Mrs. Irene Esther Mutuzo Sevume.jpg

Mrs. Irene Esther Mutuzo Sevume

Head of Business Growth & PR at Diwala

Mrs. Irene Esther Mutuzo Sevume is the Head of Business Growth and PR of Diwala. Through leveraging SSI standards and blockchain technology, Diwala provides a digital platform that enables secure and efficient issuance and verification of credentials for individuals and businesses.
With a passion towards digital inclusion, and literacy particularly around the value of Self-sovereign identity standards and blockchain technology, Irene has spoken on various panels and conducted webinars deciphering how SSI standards and blockchain technology can be implemented in the credentialing space in Africa. She is currently also part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Standards Association, Learning Technology Standards Council, Integrated Learning Records (IEEE SA LTSC ILR) working team which is an approved working group with authorization to gather, curate, set in context, and share standard recommended practices for Integrated Learner Records (ILR).
An innovative, business, and results-driven personality, Irene has a wealth of experience in Organizational Transformation, Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing, Strategy & Business Development, ICT, Media and Human Capital Management, having previously worked with organizations like Greenhill Academy in Uganda, Brightermonday, Vision Group - Uganda and United Bank for Africa.
She is part of the mentoring team at Project Girls for Girls Global and is a member of the Human Resources Association of Uganda (HRMAU), Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) and Rotary Club of Kampala City.
She is also a Human Resources and Communications consultant and has consulted with organizations like CARE International in Uganda and the Uganda Law Reform Commission.

Said Kamal.jpg

Said Kamal

Founder, President & Global CEO at VoluPolis Capital

Professor Emeritus, Doctor in Social and Economic Sciences Mr. Said Kamal is an international qualified Enterprise Content and FDI Intelligence & Operations, and policy expert, a professional and focal point for the international corporations seeking market
expansion in Africa, and around the world. He is the Founder and Chief Counsel of VoluPolis Capital, an impact inward investment (FDI) management firm.
He is Graduate of the National High School of Information Science and Libraries (ENSSIB, France), of the University of Poitiers and Limoges and a Business oriented, innovative, and visionary leader with Executive level management in public, academic and private sectors in France, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, KSA, Ghana, South Africa, etc.
He has held senior roles in government, private institutions and served in many positions as Senior business analyst, corporate strategy and investment architect translating business intelligence and strategy into action and providing senior strategic advice to the CEO and the Board of Directors and developing Business Intelligence policies, platforms and project conception, incubation and Integration Services on Key drivers of growth in Europe, USA, and AME with a total advisory missions and mega infrastructure development portfolio exceeding US$500 million.

Lanre Ogungbe.jpg

Lanre Ogungbe

CEO & Cofounder at Identitypass

Lanre Ogungbe is the co-founder and CEO of Identitypass - A KYC/Compliance company backed by over $3.3M equity funding, has also gone through the number 1 tech startup acceleration program in the world; Y Combinator. A company he started after his exit in Accounteer (Now acquired) as Head of Business and Services. He was once the COO of a property-tech company (mypadi) and an IT officer for Enactus Nigeria.


Lanre is also an MBA student at Johns Hopkins University, specializing in Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation. He is also a Dean Scholarship Recipient. In addition to these, he serves as a strategic advisor at Johns Hopkins Technology Venture, where he works with multiple startups within the Johns Hopkins University ecosystem and advises numerous startups as they grow.


As part of his nation-building activities, he is a member of The National Assembly Business Environment Roundtable, serving in the Intellectual Property and E-business committee. With this, he works closely with the National House of Assembly lawmakers to give his views/research on bills around IP and E-Business before they become laws.


He was once a team leader of a student-led organization called Enactus AAUA where he led hundreds of students to execute community-based projects. He has a BSc.Ed in Computer science and Education. He has also gone ahead to complete a post-graduate Diploma in the London School of International Business majoring in Strategic Management.


DeepTech for Social Good

28 JULY 2022 | 1 PM GMT+1

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