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for Social Good

Interactive event about the latest DeepTech trends


Advanced technologies (AI, Blockchain, Robotics, FinTech) have the potential to level the playing field for even the most powerful of forces. While the world has evolved and benefited from technology on all fronts - from how we work to how we live - we recognise the power that innovation has to make our world a better place for all. 


On July 28th, 1 pm GMT+1,  "DeepTech for Social Good"  we introduced the major players who shared insights on how they are leveraging the power of technology to bring forth positive global change.

Our event brought together leaders, founders, visionaries, organisations and start-ups who all play a crucial role in solving complex questions of the modern world and drive real social change using frontier technologies in developing countries across the globe. It featured: 


  • Keynote Speakers

  • Presentations and Use Cases

  • Live Panel Debate

  • Q&A from Audience

Previous Events

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The COVID-19 pandemic increased awareness of climate change and social challenges such as unequal access to healthcare and social inequality. This has seen a boost in the popularity of impact investing. Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organizations, and funds to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside profit.

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On November 15th - 17th 2021 Deep Pharma Intelligence (DPI) hosted three virtual events that were focused on key industry trends, activities, and investing takeaways in the artificial intelligence (AI) in the Pharma sector. 

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