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FinTech for Social Good Landscape Q4 2022

The ‘FinTech for Social Good Landscape Q4 2022’ report, created by Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, provides an overview of FinTech’s impact on the improvement of the social good.

The report serves as a follow-up to the previous 'FinTech for Social Good' report, containing the up-to-date information regarding the sector, emerging technologies that have a significant impact on its development, along with governmental initiatives and current challenges. During the research, more than 800 FinTech companies, 1,100 investors and 50 nonprofit organisations were analysed. 

Among the technologies could be distinguished Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Neobanking, Open Banking, etc. Advanced technologies help to drive the FinTech sector in developing countries, opening up new growth opportunities. 

The report is aimed to deliver a detailed overview of the industry, showcase main trends and present a unified industry framework.

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