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Academic Sponsorships Dashboard

Supporting the activities of DeepTech sector students and new graduates is of paramount importance to helping high-impact industries achieve real-world progress in the delivery of their potential humanitarian benefit. Deep Knowledge Group and its various subsidiaries are proud sponsors of a number of official student societies at top-tier universities and academic institutions, and are deeply committed to the support of student groups whose members will soon become the next generation of industry professionals driving humanitarian DeepTech progress. In order to help other organizations more efficiently and intelligently sponsor the activities of official student organizations, Deep Knowledge Group is building a Big Data Academic Sponsorships Dashboard that will provide deep analytics, social-impact benchmarking and region, cause and industry/sector filters of thousands of official university-associated student societies. This dashboard will help industry leaders discover student societies that are relevant to their strategic interests to sponsor, support and partner with.

  • KYC procedures will ensure the integrity of donors, and enable a “one-click” sponsorship experience by pre-validating sponsors before they can actively utilize the platform.

  • Interactive search and multiparametric filter capabilities to enable donors to efficiently discover societies based on causes of interest, geography, and academic institution.

  • Sponsor-society smart-matching, in which sponsors fill in a questionnaire about their interests and preferences, and they are suggested societies that match their interests or provide the most impact in boosting personal brand.

  • Visualization mechanisms and video game-style incentives to gamify academic sponsorships, where potential donors will have digital avatars with visualized statistics, rankings and graphs.

  • Users will be able to see the other sponsors in shared societies and causes, and compare their own sponsorship statistics and scorings with others dedicated to the same causes.

  • The dashboard will feature donor benchmarking and highlight the top donors per month and per year in specific cause categories, and in specific humanitarian deliverables.

  • 2 physical walls will be purchased and placed in a high-profile metropolitan locales (London, Geneva, etc), serving as “Halls of Fame” for top-scoring sponsors and donors, showcasing their names and faces.

The Academic Sponsorships Dashboard will enable philanthropically-minded corporations and individuals to simultaneously support social causes of interest, while gaining personal brand association with some of the most well-branded, top-tier academic institutions in the world. This will enable a quick, efficient mechanism for mutual benefit to both sponsors and student societies, substantially broadening the potential base of financial support available for student societies, while also establishing a clear and easy-to-use mechanism for personal brand development for corporate and individual sponsors and donors.


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