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The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews is an embodiment of stories of all the people who were initially rooted in Bessarabia but had to flow with the wind of change to save either themselves or their dreams.


This is not just any other book with a list of random personalities; it is an encyclopedia of biographies spanning several generations.

About the Book

The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews is not just a book having a list of the brightest minds who — for one reason or the other — left Bessarabia to find a new home in countries all around the globe.


It is the journey of all those great individuals who have become leading scientists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and Nobel Prize Winners in the modern world, making pivotal contributions to crucial fields of human endeavor that continue to act as the primary engines of societal progress in science, mathematics, medicine, art, politics, finance, business, and technology.


It is a tribute to the strength and talent of those who were able to adapt and thrive in the face of great adversity over thousands of years.

About the Author

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The very talented Denis Rosca accomplished this exceptional project with a high level of professionalism and authenticity, creating an encyclopedia of biographies.

Denis Rosca holds a Ph.D. in economics and specializes in industrialization in the Asian, European, and North American regions, with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and educational system. He studied over 70 Government Industrialization Programs, which can be adapted to various localities and municipalities.

His works and accomplishments include:


- Author, Stages of Industrialization, examines the timing of actions, investments, and organization of people's work so that there is a continuous process of economic growth. In this book, he explains how economic growth can only be achieved through the untapped resources existing in various countries – be it raw material, future raw material, human potential, or stagnant financial resources.


- Author, The Golden Book of Bessarabia and the Republic of Moldova, which describes Rosca’s compatriots, notable all over the globe, who have their roots in the Prut-Dniester area. It chronicles the history of the region from the Middle Ages to the present day. The book includes information about the people, culture, and politics of the region, as well as its economic and social development throughout the centuries. It also provides a detailed account of the region's involvement in World War II and the Soviet Union. The work was aimed at motivating the new generation and strengthening the confidence in the future of the Republic of Moldova.


- Winner, Science Slam Moldova 2016 European Research Competition;


- Winner, Man of the Year 2016 – National Television;


- Researcher,  9 years of research in the field of Moldovan biographies;


- Content Creator, an eponymous YouTube channel on the topic of industrialization;


- The first person in Moldova who proposed the optimization of villages according to the principle of Brusselization – the full podcast can listen here

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Dmitry Kaminskiy, the co-founder of Deep Knowledge Group, supported this project since it aligns with the philanthropic branch of Deep Knowledge Group and its agenda for advancing DeepTech for Social Good.


Deep Knowledge Group is an international consortium of profit and nonprofit organizations working in many DeepTech sectors, with a focus on investments in advanced biomedicine, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthy Longevity.

Dmitry strongly believes that this book can be an opportunity to forge new alliances among the bright minds you meet in its pages and to find many points of synergy among exceptionally talented people that share common roots and similar life journeys. 

The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews (with shadow).png

And since The Great Encyclopedia of Bessarabian Jews covers several personalities from various Jewish continents, it will help build a brighter future, in solidarity rather than in isolation, strengthened by millennia of shared adversity and achievement, and united in its goal of the unbiased betterment of humanity for one and all.

We hope you have a good time reading this book — one of the largest encyclopedias in existence, with biographies structured in a single language. Stay tuned for the next volume!

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